What I’m Loving About Calgary After One Month


It’s a month today that I’ve been living in Calgary. And so far there’s much I’m loving about it. But I guess I’m still in the honeymoon phase and granted the temperatures haven’t plummeted yet.

Photos below taken just minutes ago show mostly sun for the next few weeks. That gives my heart a certain lightness. I love being woken by a sunrise blazed with reds. It sets a positive tone to my day.

"Calgary 14 day forecast"

Calgary 14 day forecast

Compare to Vancouver.

"Vancouver 14 day forecast"

Vancouver 14 day forecast

I can walk to almost everywhere. Yesterday it was an 8 minute walk to get my haircut, not a 45 minute drive across town. John commutes to work in 30 minutes.. on foot and has lost five pounds. Local restaurants are only five blocks away.

Even the dog is adapting. There’s nothing like a giant jackrabbit sighting or some coyote pee to sniff to keep her happy.

Views from our place our great – especially if you climb on the roof which I’ve been doing lately. I didn’t think I’d like a city view but the lights dazzle me.

"Night time view from my roof"

Night time view from my roof

Gas is cheap – only $1.07 per liter and I’m loving sales tax at only 5%. (Food though is way more expensive than Vancouver.)

The neighbours have been kind – dropping off welcome gift baskets and personal lists of where to shop, vets – that sort of thing.

And I’ve found a home handyman who shows up when he says he will, is a delight to have around and gets all those pain in the ass jobs done.

Calgary has a youthfulness and energy to it. Fortunately it’s contagious.

Not that it’s all roses – it never is when you leave people behind.

But for now Calgary has been kind to me and for that I am thankful.


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