5 ways to connect to your loved ones while you are abroad


Connecting to your loved ones from across the world isn’t a big deal these days. While you are traveling, working or studying in another country, there is so much that you would like to share with your family and friends.

Here are 5 ways to connect to your loved ones while you are abroad.

Mail Gifts

"Send a gift"

Send a gift

If you want to make your family feel special then pick the best gifts from the new country and send them across. The feeling of joy on receiving the gifts is immeasurable. For few moments they would certainly be speechless and then they might dance with joy. It is always thoughtful to make your loved ones smile from miles. You can also send a note along conveying your message and assuring them that you are safe and sound.

Send Letters

Gone are the days when people considered letter writing as the best way to keep in touch. But if you want to give your loved ones the feeling of closeness then you can still use this method. Write to them, don’t type it. Your words or rather handwriting could make them feel happier with a thought that you managed to spend time for them.

"Hand write a postcard"

Hand write a postcard

Pick Up the Phone

It isn’t tough anymore! With the advancement of calling services, you can enjoy the benefit of making free calls to any part of the world. So while you travel overseas and incur huge expenses, you don’t have to feel the pinch in your pockets with regard to making phone calls.

And you cannot ignore the fact that you are missing your loved ones ever since the day you left them. So imagine how would they be feeling? I am sure there are ways to make them feel at ease, and cheap international calling is a suitable way. Hence you can bridge the gap and feel closer to your family and friends.

Stay Online

"Computer and phone"

Computer and phone

Just register and login to Gtalk/Video, MSN or AIM chat depending on the messenger service installed at both ends. Now you can chat all day long with your loved ones, provided you ask them to stay online at the same time. The other option is sending emails which is simple and faster. You can send your stories, jokes, pictures etc, and you can ask your family to do the same.

Upload Video & Photos

While you travel, you are experiencing a great journey of different moments. Whatever you experience is mostly new and may never return again. So capture these moments by clicking pictures or shooting videos. And the next step to this is SHARE! Just upload videos and photos on social sites so that your loved ones know about your new world.

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