Get Active on the Canary Islands


Forget any misconceptions you may already have about the Canary Islands.

Sure, there are miles upon miles of golden sandy beaches to enjoy, along with the opportunity to sit by the pool and enjoy budget holidays at their best. But just because the reputation of the Canaries is one of sun, sea and sand doesn’t mean that there aren’t ample opportunities to get away from the coasts and do what it is you like to do best. If you are a hiking or bike enthusiasts, then you may be pleasantly surprised to know that the Canary Islands are well served in both areas!

Tenerife Hiking

"The roads of Tenerife"

The roads of Tenerife

On the island of Tenerife, along with its stunning beaches, are over 4000 kilometres of footpaths perfect for hikers who enjoy relaxing and enjoyable walks through a range of different terrains with the hot sun beating down overhead. Most footpaths are sign-posted which shows how popular hiking is on the island. To get the best Tenerife hiking experience, head to one of the huge parks on the island. Teide National Park and Anaga Rural Park are popular with day trippers and hikers, so put on your boots and explore every inch of these nature rich areas. On cheap holidays to Tennerife it is possible to leave the resort and explore the natural surroundings whenever you want.

Lanzarote Biking

"Lanzarote area"

Lanzarote area

Although serious bikers may be a bit disappointed, the rest of you will be pleased to know that Lanzarote does not have many high peaks, which means it is more or less flat (well almost) and perfect for biking. With year round sunshine Lanzarote is as close as you can get to the perfect biking destination in terms of weather and alternative terrains. Professionals as well as amateurs love cycling here which is why you’ll always see groups or individuals on rides throughout the island. The Timanfaya National Park is well worth exploring on a road bike, or you could follow the best trails along the north-coast of the island. Such Lanzarote holidays¬†will make a real change, especially if you have been to the island before and didn’t get a chance to be so active!

Take a Stroll in Gran Canaria

"A walk in Gran Canaria"

A walk in Gran Canaria

Not everyone is a hardcore hiker. Yet just because you do not have the gear that hikers have does not mean you are a beach bum neither. If you just like to get out and about and take in beautiful scenery and nature without anything getting too strenuous, consider a walking holiday in Gran Canaria. Concerned that the island was becoming a bit too focused on the beaches; an attempt was made to diversify tourism on the island. As a result the government decided to reopen several old royal roads which are perfect for exploration on foot. These roads opened up thousands of acres to the public so there are plenty of places you can get out and about in.

There are plenty of wild and unspoilt areas of the Canary Islands. Get on your bike or put your boots on and explore them – you will not be disappointed.

Written by Ricky Durrance for Beat the Brochure.

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