Travel Photo Thursday: What Cold Looks Like in Calgary


Calgary is in the middle of a cold snap. Last night it was -49C with the windchill. Fortunately the cold is supposed to break by the weekend – which is a good thing because I’m cross country skiing to a lodge that Prince William and his new bride visited near Lake Louise last summer. In -49C temperatures I wouldn’t want to go.

But the cold does provide opportunities for catching close-ups of Jack Frost, especially when you’re windows are junk. So I spent some time with a new macro lens having fun this morning. They’re not my usual travel photos but some shots look otherworldly and for those of you lounging on a beach, this is something you’ll never see unless you spend time inside a freezer.

"Interesting snowflake design"

Interesting snowflake design

"Looks like an abstract painting"

Looks like an abstract painting

"Hard to believe it's a snowflake"

Hard to believe it's a snowflake

"Primeval forest??

Primeval forest

"Caught as the sun was coming up - at about 8:30am"

Caught as the sun was coming up - at about 8:30 am

"Looks like birds to me"

Looks like birds to me

"Another abstract"

Another abstract

"Silver jeweled crystals"

Silver jeweled crystals

"A frozen world"

A frozen world

"Sunrise in the forest"

Sunrise in the forest

"Balancing act"

Balancing act

Any favourites out of this bunch??

Here is this week’s submission to Travel Photo Thursday at Budget Travelers Sandboxa website where Nanci offers a chance every Thursday for fellow travelers to post their favourite photos.

Leigh McAdam

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