A Quick Visit to Jekyll Island, Georgia


Can’t tell ya.

"The marsh you see when you first cross over to Jekyll Island"

The marsh you see when you first cross over to Jekyll Island

Yes – those were the first words directed to us on Jekyll Island, and not the friendliest words for a state that prides itself on hospitality. Fortunately they were the only blip on an otherwise very positive experience in Georgia.

And all we were doing was trying to get a lunch recommendation from the attendant who collects the $1.25 per person entrance fee. Apparently – or at least all we could figure out, was that it’s politically incorrect to favour one restaurant over another.

Give your head a shake Jekyll Island Tourism. It’s not as though there’s much choice anyway.

"Busy beaches over spring break"

Busy beaches over spring break

I can tell you that we ended up at Fins  Рand not only did we get a very good lunch but we thoroughly enjoyed our ocean view from the restaurant.

"Lunch at Fins with an order of hush puppies on the side"

Lunch at Fins with an order of hush puppies on the side

After lunch we wandered the busy beach; it turns out it was spring break for some kids so that explained all the people on a weekday. There are miles of beach to wander but lookout for the jellyfish or whatever the blob happens to be.

"The beaches were dotted with this jellyfish like organism"

The beaches were dotted with this jellyfish like organism

"Jellyfish blobs everywhere"

Jellyfish blobs everywhere

Dogs are allowed on the beach and the one below was an expert at Frisbee catching.

"Black lab loving a game of Frisbee"

Black lab loving a game of Frisbee

"A little fishing, a little drinking"

A little fishing, a little drinking

Jekyll Island is primarily about the beaches but there’s some fishing and golfing. It’s not as upscale as I imagined, and in fact feels a bit like its fading. Still it was worth a few hours as a stop on the way down to St. Mary’s, Georgia.

"It's a good life on the beach"

It's a good life on the beach

"Laughing gulls"

Laughing gulls

It doesn’t take long to drive the whole island and if you’re into birding there’s a good marsh with a bird watching tower just as you drive ¬†onto the island.

"Unusual looking palm trees"

Unusual looking palm trees

"The bridge to Jekyll Island"

The bridge to Jekyll Island

Have you been to Jekyll Island or any of the outer islands off the coast of Georgia? Do you have any recommendations?

Leigh McAdam



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