Greening Up Your Travels – Avoiding Bottled Water


As a traveler I know I use up more resources than a non-traveler. I wish it wasn’t so. 

"Flying over Greenland on a flight between Europe and North America"

Flying over Greenland on a flight between Europe and North America

But there are ways to green up your travels.

But first a fact – one barrel of oil contains 42 US gallons. One US gallon contains 128 ounces. Therefore there are 5,376 ounces of oil in a barrel. Just so you know.

Bottled water is something we can generally avoid as a traveler, though I do appreciate it’s not always possible. But it’s almost always possible in the home or office setting.

Picture this.

"Row after row of bottled water"

Row after row of bottled water

For every bottle you buy of water, the equivalent of one quarter of it is full of oilThat means that every 1 liter bottle has the equivalent of over eight ounces of oil associated with it. And five times that amount of water is used to create that bottle of water. 

Would you buy that bottled water knowing how much oil and water went into the production of it? 

The statistics aren’t pretty either. In 2007, 110 liters of bottled water per person per year was bought in the US alone, a country with safe drinking water. 

Solution: Use a thermos or water bottle and fill from a drinking fountain once you’re through airport security. If the drinking water is contaminated, buy a filter or use water droplets to purify. On the road keep a reusable bottle handy. Simple stuff really.

Have you changed your use of bottled water over time? Less or more??

If you have a green travel tip to share please leave a comment and I will credit you in a future post.

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