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The city of Gold Coast, Australia is one of the most picturesque locales in the world, situated along nearly 60 kilometers of gorgeous coastal landscape and bordered by lush forests and subtropical jungle areas. The immaculate scenery and diverse blend of environments makes the Gold Coast one of the prime destinations on the planet for sightseeing, and cycling is an especially enjoyable way to experience the majesty and wonder of these pristine natural settings.

Cycling is hugely celebrated on the Gold Coast, and the area plays home to the yearly Gold Coast Festival of Cycling, one of the largest events of its kind in all of Australia as well as hosting the upcoming 2018 Commonwealth Games (FC).

Along with the stunning natural environments in the area, the city of Gold Coast has fully embraced local enthusiasm for cycling in its newly vivified development. It features more than 700 kilometers of road specifically to biking, creating a vast network of on and off-road bikeways that connect neighborhoods, parks and other points of interest in the city while enabling easy transfer to public transit routes, making the city ideal for exploring on a bike.

The bikeway network even features paths to challenge riders of advanced skill levels as well as those intended for easy commuting, and as a result the bicycle is quickly becoming the preferred mode of transport in the area. There has never been a better time to be a cycling enthusiast on the Gold Coast.

The Gold Coast Oceanway offers a panoramic view of the city’s skyline juxtaposed against the cerulean skies reminiscent of other world-class coastal sites such as Miami, Hawaii and the French Riviera. This bikeway has access to Surfers’ Paradise, a local nexus of leisure including multiple beaches and amusement parks that give visitors the chance to bask in the Pacific sun (FC). Surfers’ Paradise is a chain of pearl-white beaches stretching across the horizon accented with cool turquoise waters and an array of local cafes, restaurants and bars, allowing you to steep yourself in the local flavor during your visit.

"Surfer's Paradise beaches"

Surfer’s Paradise beaches – Photo credit

Veteran cycle tourists highly recommend enjoying a day on the beach, but warn of drunken violence that can occasionally erupt in the party zone when the sun goes down. Also beware of individuals offering “free” tickets to local attractions, as they are likely scammers trying to rob you of your money or worse, your time on the open roads on the Gold Coast through a required promotional seminar in exchange for the tickets. You can always visit Accor to help you book a hotel on the Gold Coast, the next time you’re planning a trip there.

Just a few kilometers from this beachfront splendor lies the famous hinterlands, the iconic “green behind the gold” that forms the signature pallet of Australia. These thickly verdant areas present a striking contrast to the sun and surf of the nearby beaches as well as a unique opportunity for cycling exploration.

These almost jungle-like areas feature plenty of viable campground, enabling cyclists to slumber below the stars ensconced in natural beauty. The hinterlands can become humid at nights, and so a tent with adequate ventilation will help optimize your camping experience.

For cyclists who require less serenity in their nightlife, the Gold Coast is also home to an active and vibrant club scene. The area has clubs and bars that cater to a range of demographics, so anyone who enjoys capping off a day of cycling with a night of dancing can find a party to join.

The Gold Coast has a rich cycling tradition, and has become renowned as a training area for international-level competitive cyclists, including Tour de France participants. Advanced cyclists can take on the challenging “Green Jersey” pathway that leads over Springbrook Mountain and through the scenic Numinbah Valley, rewarding cyclists with the skill to navigate the trail with peerless perspectives of the area set against unforgettable backdrops. Another pro-level path through the Tweed Valley takes riders into the imposing shadow of Mt. Warning, an dormant volcano that dominates the views from the riverside roadways.

The Gold Coast is one of the premier destinations for travel because of its natural aesthetics, but has become a top cycling location because of its storied past with the sport as well as concerted efforts to facilitate local enthusiasm for cycling. The city represents one of the finest areas in the world for cycling tourism and is simply not to be missed for anyone who enjoys a scenic jaunt. The Gold Coast has something for virtually every rider, and provides them all with ample opportunity to find what drives them one pedal at a time.

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