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It’s almost 2014 St Paddy’s Day and Jameson and you know what that means. It’s party time especially if you live in Ireland.


Dublin – Photo credit

This year Jameson Irish Whiskey is running an Instagram and Facebook driven contest. They’re asking people to send in photos of their city – with the winner receiving a trip to Dublin in time for St. Patrick’s Day. I have some Irish blood in me so this seems like a good fit.

The theme of the contest – and no it’s not whiskey – is capturing the real spirit of your city.

I have a slight problem here in Calgary. It’s bloody cold outside and there’s hardly a soul on the streets. That doesn’t mean there isn’t any spirit but it’s just not as easy to find.

But I think back to the Calgary Stampede in July when the city comes alive. The party lasts for 10 days – from dawn until the wee hours of the morning – long after the last of the fireworks of the night. Everyone comes out – and many in their western finery like the little girl pictured below.

"A little girl in purple at the Calgary Stampede"

A little girl in purple at the Calgary Stampede

But the Calgary Stampede isn’t the only great thing about this city. The city is a very caring place and nothing hit that point home more than during the epic floods of June 2013. Stranger to stranger – everyone helped out – and not for just a day or two but for quite literally weeks at a time.

"Calgary flooding in June 2013"

Calgary flooding in June 2013

Calgary is a young, dynamic city with a ton of energy. It’s supportive of so many organizations as well – especially when it comes to culture. People from afar think of Calgary more in terms of cowboys and oilmen. Yes we have plenty of these people but it’s a very diverse city. Culture is alive and well with not just hockey teams but literally dozens of theater companies. It also boasts more volunteers per capita than any other city in Canada.

How does your city spirit rank against that of Calgary or Dublin??

All you have to do to enter this contest is take a photo showcasing your cities’ spirit and put it on Instagram; then tag it with #JAMESON and #HELLODUBLIN. Finally cross your fingers you’ll be jetting off to Dublin in the next few weeks. I Hope your passport is current!

Leigh McAdam


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