Sunday Photos: Road Trip in Northern Argentina


As it happens with most of us that travel, there end up being a lot of photos that never get used. I have hundreds of such photos. So on weekends as time permits I will showcase some of the more interesting photos that never made it into a blog post.

This week’s Sunday photos take you on a driving trip from Salta south through to Tucaman in northern Argentina. To say the scenery exceeded our expectations would be a wild understatement.

The scenery was sublime within an hour of leaving Salta. And the variety of climatic zones and landscapes we saw in a short distance – perhaps 400 kilometers – was astounding. (For a detailed description of our three day drive including links to the fantastic places we stayed – including a reasonably priced historic Governor’s mansions click here.)

The weather was all over the place. In the mountains it was cool, but otherwise it was warm to hot though temperatures cooled down at night.

You can rent a car to do this drive but because the roads are rough it’s worth having good insurance. We had one flat tire – a common occurrence – so also make sure you have an inflated spare and the proper tools. Take LOTS of water and some food as towns are few and far between.

I hope you enjoy the drive as much as we did.

"Red hued hills south of Salta"

Red hued hills south of Salta on the way to Molinos

"Some crazy winding roads but little traffic"

Some crazy winding roads but little traffic

"I felt like I was in Hobbit country "

I felt like I was in Hobbit country

"Swirling mist in Los Cordones National Park"

Swirling mist in Los Cordones National Park

"Some wild folding of the rocks in the hills south of Salta"

Some wild folding of the rocks

"For the better part of a few days we were on dirt roads"

For the better part of a few days we were on dirt roads

"More wildly tilted rocks"

More wildly tilted rocks

"There's a lushness in the valleys"

There’s a lushness in the valleys

"Would you guess this was Argentina?"

Would you guess this was Argentina?

"Desert like plant with unusual coloured branches"

Desert like plant with unusual coloured branches

"Pre-Colombian ruins"

Chile-Agentina 2011 1210hsrs

Have you ever visited northern Argentina?

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