5 Things you Probably Didn’t Know About Leipzig, Germany


Recently I had the chance to spend a few days in Leipzig, Germany. I wouldn’t have been able to pinpoint the city on a map of Europe until I started looking at plane schedules.

The bottom line – I knew only one thing about the city, before I showed up. And that was the fact that the Leipzig train station is the largest in Europe – or the largest “head” train station. The only reason I knew this was because I spent some time trying to figure out the train schedule between Leipzig and the Frankfurt Airport.

It’s a magnificent structure inside – and Raildude calls it the most beautiful station in all of Germany. But be warned. You need one Euro to use the washrooms.

"The main train station in Leipzig"

The main train station in Leipzig

  • Leipzig is surrounded by water. Located at the confluence of three rivers – the Parthe, Pleisse and the White Elster, it’s also home to many small rivers and canals that are connected so you can get around parts of Leipzig by boat. In addition former open pit mines have been flooded to create a number of seas including the most famous one – the Cospudener See. Interestingly Leipzig has more bridges than Venice – 457 versus 400 in Venice.
"One of Leipzig's canals"

One of Leipzig’s canals – Photo credit

  • The peaceful revolution – that eventually brought down the Berlin Wall, started in Leipzig on September 4, 1989 at the St. Nicholas Church. This year it’s the 25th anniversary of the revolution and lots of celebrations have been planned.
"St. Nicholas Church - where the Peaceful Revolution started"

St. Nicholas Church – where the Peaceful Revolution started

  • Leipzig has been called Europe’s new hipster capital – and with that statement the city got a new nicknameHypezig. The fact that the city is still affordable – compared to Munich where one reporter states that you’d have to sell a kidney to pay rent is part of the appeal. Culturally, though the city has a lot going for it – with lots of art, amazing music and the conversion of old buildings into art spaces. The food scene too is moving along and I can personally recommend the part food, part walking tour with Eat theWorld.com.
"Our guide Dorothea from Eat the World.com"

Our guide Dorothea from Eat the World.com

"Cupcakes from Minastique in Leipzig"

Cupcakes from Minastique

  • One third of Leipzig is covered by green parks and forests. I noticed this within minutes of leaving the train station when I heard birdsong in an oasis of green. One look at a map of Leipzig, and you’ll see what a role the parks play in the city. That’s probably part of the reason that the city has been ranked the most livable city in Germany.
"Green space within sight of the train station"

Green space within sight of the train station

Leipzig was a very pleasant surprise and really I’ve just scratched the surface of the city. Other posts you might enjoy reading about Leipzig are listed below.

What’s your favourite city in Germany?

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