Gear Review: The Joey Bra – Sports Model


This post isn’t going to have much appeal to my male readers unless you have a woman in your life that loves sports bras. In which case, continue reading.

If you love sports and music but hate to carry a purse, a knapsack or a fanny pack, then I think you’re going to love the Sports model of the Joey Bra.

"The Joey Bra - sports version in pink and black"

The Joey Bra – sports version in pink and black

I had a blond moment when they asked if I would like to try one for review. I didn’t get the whole “Joey” thing until I actually got the bra.

"The sport version of the Joey Bra has 2 water resistant pockets"

The sport version of the Joey Bra has 2 water resistant pockets

Each bra has two zippered pockets (think kangaroos and their baby Joeys) with a plastic lining so that the pockets are water resistant. You can stuff keys, money, an iPod and even an iPhone 5 inside – and then head out for a workout with your hands free. It’s discreet if what you’ve stuffed isn’t too lumpy. This would also be a great sports bra to take traveling as you could carry a USB stick and a hotel room key in it very comfortably.

"The back of the Joey Bra"

The back of the Joey Bra

Even if you didn’t choose to use the pockets, you would probably still like the bra. It’s super comfortable and very supportive. I don’t run anymore but I’ve used if for hiking and biking and loved the feel. It’s made of a quick dry material so you don’t get cold once you’re sweaty.

It washes well and because it’s made of a synthetic material, it should hold its colour.

"Another view of the Joey Bra"

Another view

The only thing that took some getting used to was fastening it. I’m used to two, not three clasps at the back so it took some practice to hook all three.

Overall I love the fit, design and colour and it’s a bonus that I can hide a few things.

There is also a choice of getting a black bra with black zippers and it looks like there’s a sexier version available as well – but it’s not a sports bra. The Joey Bra retails for $US 39.99 and comes in sizing from XS through to XXL. They offer a 120 day return policy as well. Ordering is via their website.

I’m very glad they found me.

Leigh McAdam




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