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A Day From Hell on the Coastal Trail in Pukaskwa National Park

I thought after guerrilla camping on the Coastal trail and backpacking in the dark that the worst would be behind us. But that wasn’t to be the case. Our group of three and a dog are on day three of a five day backpacking trip in Pukaskwa National Park in northwestern Ontario. It turns out to […]

Backpacking the Coastal Trail in Pukaskwa NP – Part II

Yesterday I left you on the trail at 9:30 pm, about a kilometer short of our first campsite. That was the first time in decades of backpacking that I have ever backpacked in the dark. At least we ended up right beside the water without breaking anything – and awoke to the view in the […]

Hiking the Coastal Trail in Pukaskwa National Park: Part I

I’m just back from five days of hiking the 60 kilometer coastal trail in Pukaskwa National Park in northwestern Ontario. My feet, shoulders, hips and even my arms are thanking me that it’s over. My friends and their dog are talking to me again. Actually they’re feeling pretty darned pleased with themselves now – but […]

Solo Ascent of Volcanic Mt Semeru – Java, Indonesia

This post was kindly written by fellow travel blogger – Lash from Lash World Tour. She takes you on her solo adventure of climbing Mt. Semeru in Java, Indonesia. I awoke in my tent at dawn and peered outside. Grand volcanic Mt Semeru towered over me, its perfectly symmetrical, conic slopes clearly visible in the crisp […]

Food Recipes and Restaurants

A Visit to Baumwollspinnerei AKA the Leipzig Cotton Mill

Dinner at Spinnerei is what I see listed on my itinerary for the second night of a conference I’m attending in Leipzig, Germany. Beforehand, life is a little out of control, so I don’t even spend one minute checking it out on Google. That’s just as well so I have no preconceived expectations. Spinnerei isn’t a restaurant […]