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Solo Ascent of Volcanic Mt Semeru – Java, Indonesia

This post was kindly written by fellow travel blogger – Lash from Lash World Tour. She takes you on her solo adventure of climbing Mt. Semeru in Java, Indonesia. I awoke in my tent at dawn and peered outside. Grand volcanic Mt Semeru towered over me, its perfectly symmetrical, conic slopes clearly visible in the crisp […]

Kayaking with Whales in the St. Lawrence River

I have dreamed of kayaking with beluga whales in the St. Lawrence River for years. The St. Lawrence River is an incredible place to see a huge diversity of whales – with the beluga whale being just one of 10 whale species that inhabit these waters. In the toothed whales category the ones you might […]

Hiking a Loop Trail in the Skoki Area, Banff National Park

Last week I wrote about my backpacking trip up to stunning Baker Lake in the Skoki area. But what I didn’t mention is the beautiful loop hike that you can do starting and ending at the Baker Lake Campground. It’s worth spending two nights at the campground so you can do this. Before leaving the campground […]

My Love – Hate Affair With Backpacking

I’ve done more backpacking this summer than at any other time in my life so you might think that I loved backpacking to bits. But you’d be wrong. I love backpacking for the places it gets me into – that are completely inaccessible as a day hike. My two week trip to Baffin Island this summer is […]

Food Recipes and Restaurants

A Visit to Baumwollspinnerei AKA the Leipzig Cotton Mill

Dinner at Spinnerei is what I see listed on my itinerary for the second night of a conference I’m attending in Leipzig, Germany. Beforehand, life is a little out of control, so I don’t even spend one minute checking it out on Google. That’s just as well so I have no preconceived expectations. Spinnerei isn’t a restaurant […]