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A Weekend of Slow Travel on Pelee Island, Ontario

A weekend or more on Pelee Island, the southernmost inhabited spot in Canada, is a great place to try out the concept known as slow travel. And that’s just what my husband and I, along with my mother in law, did last weekend. This is a place where time stands still. Cellphones don’t always work. […]

A Sea Safari in Howe Sound, British Columbia

Last Friday was close to a perfect day. Not only was the sun shining, but I had the opportunity to spend two hours racing around in an inflatable boat at about 45 mph, courtesy of Sewell’s Marina. Talk about FUN. Sewell’s Marina is a long time business located in the Village of Horseshoe Bay – […]

West Texas Here I Come

Who do you know that travels on vacation to Texas? I’m getting lots of befuddled looks when I tell people where I’m going. If I said New Mexico people would say..cool. But with Texas they just shake their head. But I’m not going just anywhere in Texas – I’m heading to one of the most […]

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