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21 Must Do Activities in Alberta

Alberta is Canada’s fourth largest province by area. Named for Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, the daughter of Queen Victoria, it’s a province that begs to be explored. From north to south it’s a distance of over 1200 kilometers – as the crow flies, so it’s impossible to see all but a small section of the […]

The 10 Most Popular National Parks in Canada

What are the 10 most popular National Parks in Canada? I happened upon an article in Canadian Geographic magazine and found statistics related to National Park visits to be quite interesting. They were a few years old so I went off in search of the latest stats. The top place holders were no surprise – Banff and […]

11 National Parks in Canada You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

I’ve been doing some research for a book I have in the works on outdoor adventure travel in Canada. Naturally some of the best places for outdoor adventures take place in National Parks. But I admit to being shocked about how many National Parks I’d never heard of. Here are 11 National Parks in Canada […]

Never Ending Adventures in the Yorkshire Dales

For those looking to experience both fascinating history and beautiful pastoral vistas in England, Yorkshire is the place to visit. Widely considered to be one of the greenest counties in the country, Yorkshire is a playground for lovers of the outdoors and offers a never ending supply of picturesque hikes and outdoor pursuits. The locals […]

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