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Hiking BC: The President Range Trails in Yoho National Park

Hiking in BC and looking for mountain splendour? Try the President Range Trails in Yoho National Park.

Our plan last weekend went like this – backpack to Stanley Mitchell Hut via the Yoho Valley Trail and spend the night. The next day – after a long leisurely breakfast –  hike to Kiwetinok Lake, four kilometres away. Finish up the three day trip by backpacking out on the magnificent Iceline Trail.

The weekend mostly went according to plan. I say mostly because on the Friday night a huge thunderstorm swept through the area and dumped between two and three inches of rain. That was enough to swell the creeks and increase the possibility of major soakers on any attempted crossing. And it was enough to deter us from hiking to Kiwetinok Lake.

Instead we opted to explore the trails leading to the waterfalls and glaciers of the President Range. 

"Dwarfed by the mountains and glaciers"

Dwarfed by the mountains and glaciers

The splendour of the range was everywhere – bold coloured rocks, blue glacial ice, infinity pools, and truly outstanding vistas.

Here’s a look at the highlights of our day spent hiking in the President Range.

"Crossing the swollen river on a footbridge"

Crossing the swollen river on a footbridge

"Multitudinous waterfalls"

"John stream hopping"

John – crossing the stream

"Man looks insignificant next to the glacier"

Man looks insignificant in this landscape

"Close-up of wildly folded rocks"

Close-up of wildly folded rocks

"More wildly folded rocks"

More wildly folded rocks

"Vividly coloured rocks"

"Skipping rocks on a glacier fed lake"

Skipping rocks on a glacier fed lake

"Nature's infinity pool"

Nature’s infinity pool

"Views of Whaleback Mountain"

"Glacier scarred rock"

Glacier scarred rocks – it wasn’t long ago that the glacier was here

"The blue of glacial ice"

"Up close to the mouth of a glacier"

Up close to the mouth of a glacier

Have you ever hiked the President Range Trails in Yoho National Park?

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