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A Winter Walking Tour of Montreal

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Montreal is a wonderful city to explore on foot. It’s got a European feel to it, especially Old Montreal. It’s compact enough that you can see most of the interesting parts of the city in a day or two. And the Metro is quick and easy so everything is in reach if you tire of walking.

I only had a morning to do a winter walking tour. I started in Old Montreal at Hotel Pierre du Calvet, my hotel for three nights – which because of its history (built in 1725) and rooms merits its’ own blog. It location near a beautiful old church, just minutes away from the port and the heart of the district is an ideal base.

My plan was to walk Boulevard Saint Laurent to Mont Royal Avenue and then to return to Old Montreal via side streets. I’d been told the previous day that Boulevard Saint Laurent was the most historically important street in Montreal. It takes you through a series of neighbourhoods – Chinatown, Little Portugal, Mile End and Little Italy. Some of Canada’s famous artists and writers come from here or were heavily influenced by the area – including Irving Layton and Leonard Cohen. Walk along St. Urbain Street and you will be in the old stomping grounds of writer Mordecai Richler (The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, Solomon Gursky Was Here).

Here’s what I was able to see on a three hour walking tour of Montreal.

"The cobble stoned streets of Old Montreal"

The cobble stone streets of Old Montreal

"The streets get full around lunch time"

The streets get full around lunch time

"The Gossipers"

The Gossipers – seen in Old Montreal

"Walking into Chinatown on Boul Saint Laurent"

Walking into Chinatown on Boulevard Saint Laurent

"The sign painter is an optimist"

The sign painter is an optimist

"North of Chinatown on Boul Saint Laurent"

North of Chinatown on Boulevard Saint Laurent

"Schwartz's Deli - famous for their smoked meat sandwiches - with empty tables only because it just opened"

Schwartz’s Deli – famous for their smoked meat sandwiches – with empty tables only because it just opened.

"Jeanne Mance Park"

Jeanne Mance Park

Street art is everywhere – if you look for it. 

"Seen along Boul Saint Laurent"

Seen along Boul Saint Laurent

"Pedestrians seem oblivious to the art"

Pedestrians seem oblivious to the art

"Sculpture in a small neighbourhood park"

Sculpture in a small neighbourhood park

"Street sculpture in the downtown area"

Street sculpture in the downtown area


One of the defining features of Montreal is the exterior staircase. There are books devoted to the subject. I think its great fun to wander off the main streets just to look at the design, colour and texture of not only the staircases but the windows and doors. They aren’t afraid of a little colour in Montreal.

I do feel for the old folks who must negotiate the stairs – especially in a Montreal winter.

"Exterior stairs - one of the defining features of Montreal"

Exterior stairs – one of the defining features of Montreal

"Montreal exterior staircases"

"Black, slippery looking stairs"

Black, slippery looking stairs

"I can't resist blue doors"

I can’t resist blue doors

"Purple and white doors"

"Beautiful old brick buildings are all over the older sections of Montreal"

Beautiful old brick buildings are all over the older sections of Montreal

Whatever you do, don’t miss the chance to see the inside of Notre-Dame Basilica, located in Old Montreal. I walked by the outside of the church and thought why bother? Do I need to spend $5 when I’ve seen a picture on Pinterest.

Yes  I do and so do you. I can honestly say it took my breath away and there isn’t a church anywhere in the world that I’ve seen that is quite like it. I asked my daughter to look at the photo – and her comment was – don’t bother me I’ve seen too many churches already. Then she looked at the photograph – not the real thing – and was in awe. And that is how you will feel no matter what your religion is when you step inside.

"The stunning interior of Notre Dame Basilica"

The stunning interior of Notre-Dame Basilica

After walking for many hours you work up an appetite and in Old Montreal there is no shortage of excellent restaurants. Try Les 400 Coups for an inventive take on lunch or Olive and Gourmando for great coffees, pastries and paninis.

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***Thank you to Tourism Montreal for making this trip possible.***

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