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Stand for Canada and Celebrate Two Important Birthdays

This is the year of big birthdays in Canada. On May 15th CIBC celebrated its 150th birthday. Then on July 1st  – just 46 days later, Canada turns 150. To celebrate these important birthdays CIBC has formed significant partnerships that will speak to a huge number of Canadians.

Stand for Canada and Celebrate 2 Important Birthdays

Proud to be Canadian

Canadian Citizenship Ceremonies

CIBC will be co-hosting a number of Canadian citizenship ceremonies with the help of Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada. They are also inviting Canadians to reaffirm their Canadian citizenship on Canada Day across the country.

I can’t even imagine the journey so many of these new Canadians have taken to get to get to the point of receiving Canadian citizenship. Imagine the giant smiles and pride these new Canadians feel the moment they take the oath of citizenship. It is such a privilege to be a Canadian and yet many of us take our citizenship for granted. We have not had to work for it. We got lucky. Not new Canadians. They take their rights and responsibilities seriously.

I know I’m proud to be Canadian even if I didn’t have to work for it.

Stand for Canada and Celebrate Two Important Birthdays

Seeing the Canadian flag is always a heartwarming experience

What do we get as a Canadian?

On the world stage we are seen as being a kind, gentle and polite populace. Perhaps a little ineffectual. But I know I can live with that.

On the home front I think most Canadians are exceedingly proud of what defines Canada. Think of our values. We live in a country where multiculturalism is the norm. Opportunities abound no matter what our background. We have access to free healthcare and don’t need to mortgage our house or stay with a job we hate to keep health benefits. We can vote for whomever we want, practice any religion and be of any sexual orientation. We live in a country of great beauty and true wilderness filled with beautiful lakes, rivers, oceans and mountains. We are a people that loves its beavers, moose and loons. And let’s not forget maple syrup and squeaky cheese curds.

Stand for Canada and Celebrate 2 Important Birthdays

Moose is one of the most Canadian of animals

Canadians are proud to wear a poppy to remember the sacrifices of our troops on Remembrance Day. We love our fireworks on July 1st and turkey on Thanksgiving. We appreciate our four seasons – even if winter lasts a little longer that we’d like. And most of the country is happy with nine months of NHL hockey on TV.

Poppies and Rembrance Day go hand in handPoppies and Rembrance Day go hand in hand

On the Occasion of CIBC’s 15oth Birthday

With its long intertwined history with Canada, CIBC is very proud to #StandForCanada. As CIBC says “it has contributed to shaping our nation into one of the best in the world, helping people prosper and businesses grow, as it builds the bank of the future.”

To celebrate the 150th birthday of both CIBC and Canada they are asking each and every Canadian how they #StandForCanada by joining conversations on social media. CIBC can be reached on Twitter via @CIBC on Facebook as CIBC and on Instagram via @CIBCNow. Download the CIBC150App to keep up with the new stories shared every week.

I have partnered with CIBC to find out how my fellow Canadians #StandForCanada? What is it about the country that makes it a special place to live?

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  • Jeff Whyte says:

    My comment on this article and what makes Canada so special? Freedom to travel and write about it. When we were in Cuba the Cubans were quite open about how they generally were okay with things in Cuba except for the fact that they are restricted from traveling. We take it travel for granted here. We’re really lucky.

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