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5 Easy Winter Walks Within 40 Minutes of Calgary

As much as I love a winter hike in the mountains I don’t always have the time to go. And on days when the driving is gnarly I’d rather opt for something closer. Fortunately in Calgary we’re spoiled for choices – both within the city and close by. I’ve chosen these 5 easy winter walks as examples of where you can go within a 40 minute drive of Calgary. Opt outside and enjoy all our winter  sunshine and fresh air.

5 Easy Winter Walks Within 40 Minutes of Calgary

Winter wonderland you can easily experience from Calgary

Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area

The 4,800 acres that make up the Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area just south of Calgary can be accessed via over 20 kilometres of hiking trails that double as snowshoe trails in winter. (Cross-country skiing is not allowed.)

I love the property with its untouched rolling hills, stands of aspen and fabulous city and Rocky Mountain views. Recently I came out on a crisp Sunday by myself and enjoyed about a 9 kilometre walk that included the Fescue and Paradise Trails. With plenty of hills you felt like you got a workout. There are easier, family friendly options including the 2.2 Mountain Lookout Trail.

The conservation area is located off of Highway 22x on 160th Street West. It’s open from 4 AM – 11 PM. Don’t bring your dog.

5 Easy Winter Walks Within 40 Minutes of Calgary

Rocky Mountain views from the Paradise Trail

5 Easy Winter Walks Within 30 Minutes of Calgary - this at the Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area

The lone deer I spotted though saw loads of tracks

Nosehill Park

Calgary’s biggest municipal park is Nose Hill Park, located in the northwest part of the city. With over 11 square kilometres, it can feel quite wild, despite being surrounded by a dozen neighbourhoods.

I love Nose Hill Park for the sense of space it imparts in a big city. From its high points you can watch planes landing at the airport, admire the skyscrapers of downtown Calgary and then look west and see the mountains.

Allow at least an hour, more if you’re ambitious and want to explore a variety of the trails that traverse the park. Take your dog so it can romp in the off-leash sections. There isn’t a lot of signage so take stock of where you start so you can find your way back to your car.

After a good dump of snow you can also enjoy the park on snowshoes and cross-country skis. Check out this map for the location of the parking spots.

5 Easy Winter Walks Within 40 Minutes of Calgary

Fantastic choice of hiking trails in Nosehill Park – some with views of the Rockies

Fish Creek Provincial Park

Down in the south end of the city sits Fish Creek Provincial Park, Canada’s second largest urban park. This park is literally crisscrossed with trails – both paved and granular. Before you go check out this map with all the trails marked to help you get your bearings. Choose to walk along Fish Creek or along the Bow River. Walk for an hour or walk for the whole day. The only downside to a winter visit – Annie’s Café is closed.

5 Easy Winter Walks Within 40 Minutes of Calgary

Really lovely walking in Fish Creek Park

5 Easy Winter Walks Within 40 Minutes of Calgary

Birders will enjoy the walk along the edge of the Bow River in winter

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park protects in excess of 1,300 hectares of rolling fescue grasslands along the banks of the Bow River. From the Visitor Centre (that’s staffed on weekends) you can explore over 25 kilometres of multi-use trails, many with superb Rocky Mountain views. While there are lots of loop trails you can also do some long out and back hikes; go east on the Narrows and Bearspaw Trail combination and you’ll end up at the city limits of Calgary. Head west on the Bowbend and McPherson Trails and you’ll finish on the doorstep of a Cochrane neighbourhood.

The park is free to visit and there’s lots of parking. The winds can howl in this area so dress warmly in winter. Dogs are permitted on a leash.

Drive to the park via Glenbow Road off of Highway 1A.

5 Easy Winter Walks Within 40 Minutes of Calgary

Crunching through the ice at the edge of the Bow River

5 Easy Winter Walks Within 30 Minutes of Calgary

Glenbow Ranch is almost deserted in late November

West Bragg Creek

While the majority of people who head for the West Bragg Creek trail system plan to snowshoe or cross-country ski, it is possible to walk the dog-friendly 5.5 kilometre Snowshoe Hare Loop. (If you’re into snowshoeing you have a huge number of trails to choose from!) The parking lot is a pretty 8.5 kilometre drive from the shopping area in Bragg Creek. There is a warming hut and washrooms are available.

5 Easy Winter Walks Within 40 Minutes of Calgary

There are a few peek-a-boo views but that’s all

5 Easy Winter Walks Within 30 Minutes of Calgary

The Snowshoe Hare trail is perfect for a winter walk

No matter where you go for a walk near Calgary, always be prepared. It’s amazing how quickly a storm can blow in. Keep a pack ready with a flashlight, energy bars and extra clothing in it. On the day of the walk add a thermos with something warm to drink. In our climate I’m inclined to always carry a pair of icers so I can handle any trail. And my favourite are made by a Vancouver company called Hillsound. Buy a pair – the best investment you’ll make – and this isn’t a sponsored post!

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5 Easy winter walks within 40 minutes of Calgary

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