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The Black Tusk Hike near Whistler, BC – in photos

The Black Tusk is an unmistakable pinnacle of volcanic rock that you can’t miss if you ski off of the highest chairlift at Whistler or drive the Sea to Sky Highway.

"View of Garibaldi Lake from the Black Tusk"

View of Garibaldi Lake from the Black Tusk

The hike to the Black Tusk is long and hard.

  • Distance from the Rubble Creek parking lot – 29 kms (18 miles)
  • Total vertical – 1,740 metres (5700 feet)
  • Last 300 feet to the summit has exposure plus there’s a scree field to navigate
  • Camping possibilities – Taylor Meadows or Garibaldi Lake ($10 per person per night)
  • Time needed (return trip) – 8 hours to the base of the Black Tusk (about 300 feet below the summit), 10 hours to summit
  • No dogs permitted
  • Lots of snow still on the approach at the end of July (makes for easy climbing)
  • No interesting views until you reach Taylor Meadows – 7.5 kms into the hike
  • Parking at Rubble Creek is $3 per day with exact change or a credit card
'Black Tusk'

View of Black Tusk from above Taylor Meadows

"Some wildflowers along the trail"

Some wildflowers along the trail

"Lots of snow melt in late July"

Lots of snow melt in late July

"Take the time to turn around and admire the view"

Take the time to turn around and admire the view

"Snow field on the approach to the Black Tusk"

Snow field on the approach to the Black Tusk

'Black Tusk'

You have to pick your way along the scree slope before the final summit.

'Blask Tusk'

Scree slopes beneath the Black Tusk

'Black Tusk'

Extreme drop at the base of the Black Tusk

'Black Tusk'

Close-up of the Black Tusk

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