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Where can you Kayak or Cycle that’s Within 3 Hours of Toronto?

Apparently summer plans are in full gear as the number of questions I’m getting via email increases every week. I thought I’d share the ones that would be helpful to other people.

This question is from Rupert in the UK.

…I am a solo traveler based in the UK and coming to stay with friends who are also from the UK and living in Toronto for a year.  I will have two weeks in mid-June.  Now, my friends are lovely, but they haven’t really done much in the great outdoors, to be very fair, they do have three very small ones at the moment! I would like to do something for about 5 days and happy to kayak or cycle.  I am pretty self contained and have a lot of travel and outdoor experience, but want to try and join a group.  I have started to look at where to go and what company, but it’s quite a challenge when you are new to the area etc I am sure that lots of people ask you the similar questions!  I was looking at Algonquin Park as a start, but if you could let me have any advice on any recommended companies I could approach, that would be very much appreciated.

Where can you kayak or cycle that’s within a few hours of Toronto – that’s part of a tour?

My suggestions to him were as follows:

  • I did a three day canoe trip in Algonquin Park at the end of May last year – cold nights, warm days and it was awesome. The downside to June is the bugs. They are notoriously bad so you’d be likely to have the park to yourself. That being said you could contact Jeff at Wolf Den Expeditions and see if he has a trip going. For photos of what an early season canoe trip looks like read this post.
"Canoeing in late May in Algonquin Park"

Canoeing in late May in Algonquin Park

  • I have two alternatives to Algonquin Park. One is a kayaking trip on the Georgian Bay, just north of Parry Sound. Here’s a link to give you an idea of the countryside. I LOVE the area and because it’s windier, it’s a better place to avoid the bugs. Here’s a link to the three day easy kayaking trip we did last fall. Contact White Squall and see what they could do about putting a trip together. Your best chance is over a weekend.
"Quintessential Georgian Bay scenery"

Quintessential Georgian Bay scenery

  • Another suggestion which isn’t as wild – but I found the countryside to be lovely for kayaking, was around the 1000 Islands – about three hours east of Toronto. There’s one kayaking company leading tours – so check out my blog post and see what you think of that area.
"Kayaking around Half Moon Bay in the 1000 Islands, Ontario"

Kayaking around Half Moon Bay in the 1000 Islands

  • As far as cycling is concerned you could do a 1-2 day bike ride starting in the Niagara-on-the-Lake area – and continuing along the Niagara Parkway through vineyards to Niagara Falls. Its well worth doing and June would be lovely for cycling. You can go to Fort Erie and continue on a large loop. For that trip you might want to download my free bike guide. Contact Zoom Leisure in Niagara-on-the-Lake about possible tours.
"Niagara Falls"

Niagara Falls

  • Prince Edward County, a few hours east of Toronto is also a beautiful destination for cycling. There are no bike paths per se but there are loads of very pretty and quiet backroads. Again, I have a free guide for the area that gives you all the information you need. The chances of hooking up with a tour though, are slim.
"Beautiful Prince Edward County in Ontario"

Beautiful Prince Edward County

Now – where would you dear reader, suggest this visitor to Canada should cycle or kayak that’s within a three hour radius of Toronto – that’s preferably with a tour company?

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